Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Working on the Firewall

Well, I got my hardware organized.

After that job was done, I started on the firewall. You have to fabricate several parts such as these angles.

The firewall assembled with clecos.

After I drilled everything out I took it apart so I could debur it. That is tomorrows job. Once I finish the firewall I'll post some more pictures.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wings Finished!

The other day, Dad and I finished sealing the right tank. We then moved the wings upstairs. I straightened up my workroom and then we washed the floor. After that was done, I moved the fuselage box in.

Picture of my workshop.

I have quite a job to do. I need to organize all this.

The fuselage box.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Almost Finsished with the Wings!

I got back to working on the wings. I didn't post any updates because the process was basically the same for the left wing as it was the right. Here are some pictures of how we riveted the last skin on the left wing. We clecoed the skin to a piece of PVC pipe then ran a rope from the PVC pipe to the ceiling.

As of now, Everything is finished except for the wingtips (I am going to wait to install them) and the finishing the right tank. Yesterday Dad and I sealed the left tank. We got the float bent and tested the sender. We also had to bend the pickup tube so it would be at the bottom of the tank. I stuck the camera in the tank with the self-timer on to check the position of the pickup line.

We then installed needed items and got everything sealed.
It won't be long until I am working on the fuselage!