Friday, March 29, 2013

Back to Work

Well, we finally got the longerons cut, curved, bent, notched, and twisted. I also did a few things on the center section and the tailcone to prepare them to be attached to one another.

Bending the longerons was basically whacking the longeron with a four-pound mallet. Then you would compare it to the template then whack it some more. Kind of a tedious process. 

This is how I cut the longerons. I clamped a piece of scrap on the longeron to use as a guide for the hacksaw. I didn't want to use any power tools on this.

Here I was drilling the canopy deck to the longeron.


This how we applied the sharp downward bend and twist.

The complete longerons.

The next order of business will be (temporarily) attaching the tailcone to the fuselage and working on the forward fuselage. 


Thursday, March 7, 2013

More Center Section Work.

Well, kind of. Dad and I got the bottom skin riveted onto the center section.  It's about time to bend the longerons, something I've put off until now. After that is done I will fit it to the tailcone.

For those of you who are not aircraft builders, this is where you will sit. It is also where the wings attach.